Our rosé wines

Our rosé 100% made from Grolleau Gris

Rosé wines are known for their freshness and fruity aromas. Our range of rosé wines are very pleasant to enjoy on warm days as an aperitif or together with food. All our range of rosé wines are suitable for vegans

Characteristic aromas of Jerome Choblet rosés 

On the nose, you will immediately be able to feel the fruitiness of the wine. On the palate, our rosés are supple and low in alcohol. 

Depending on the maceration process, the color of our rosés can vary from a pink to a more of a pale rosé.  

In the mouth, our rosés have intense fruit and exotic aromas. Since we use Grolleau Gris grapes for our rosés, the wine tends to be crisp and fresh with a pleasant minerality from the schist soil.   

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Rosé wine and dining

Our rosé wines are best served at 8-12 °C. Refreshed, they are perfect as an aperitif, especially on sunny days at the beach or on the terrace in good company. In France, rosé is strongly associated with summer and conviviality! 

Rosé is also a good choice if you are looking for something between white and red wines to accompany your dishes. It is best served at room temperature if you want to drink it as an alternative to a light red. 

Our rosé wines go very well with cold meat salads. For a vegetarian or vegan alternative, try roasted lemon garlic samphire with one of our rosés.