Our grape varieties

Melon de Bourgogne is one of the most famous white wine grapes of Loire Valley

Melon de Bourgogne, also known as Melon B or just Melon, is a dry white wine grape variety used for Muscadet wines. Melon B is the most important grape of the Loire Valley region. Melon B predominates in the Nantes region, located 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean.  

Muscadet-Côtes-de-Grandlieu appellation  

Our Muscadet is grown in Muscadet-Côtes-de-Grandlieu appellation, near lake Grand-Lieu, the biggest lake in Europe. The area stretches from the south-west of Nantes to the edge of Grandlieu Lake. 

This Muscadet region is located near the Atlantic coast of France, where the soils benefit from the gentle and humid presence of the Atlantic. The main soil for our Melon B is schist, yellow granite and amphibolite, covered by pebbles. 

Melon B - Jerome Choblet
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The characteristics, notes and aromas of Melon B 

The color of Muscadet wines varies from a light green hue to pale yellow and honey yellow hues.   

On the nose, the wine of this variety is floral with notes of citrus and fruit. The geographical location of the Atlantic Ocean gives the wine a minerality and iodine aromas.  

When tasted, Muscadet wines have a light texture, a slight acidity and a crispy touch. Muscadet is naturally low on alcohol, ready to drink wine.    

Muscadet – a perfect pairing with seafood and fish! 

Muscadet has a well-defined mineral structure and an incomparable natural saline freshness from the Atlantic coast. Muscadet is an ideal pairing with shellfish, sashimi, more iodized seafood like oysters or fish dishes (to add in JP after ‘or fish dishes…’: like saengsonhoe).  

As for vegetarian and vegan version, Muscadet goes very well with roasted lemon garlic samphire or baked Brussel sprout with salt flakes. 

Chardonnay – a great food wine 

Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular grapes. It is a very grape variety that can fit every taste. Chardonnay is made in a wide range of styles from lean sparkling to rich creamy oak aged white wines.  

Notes and flavours of Chardonnay that flatter your taste buds 

We use Chardonnay to make both still wine and effervescent wine. For our sparkling wines and Crémant de Loire we are using the traditional method

This grape is known for the balance of its flavors when tasted. Our Chardonnay is very smooth and has a fresh elegant and crispy style. 

The terroir that ad minerality and elegance to the Chardonnay  

Our Chardonnay is grown on mica-schists and schist sub-soils covered by pebbles. With the Atlantic climate and soil, the subtle touch of minerality and elegance is highlighted, making our Chardonnay a round, supple and easy to drink wine. 

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Grilled Salmon - Jerome Choblet

Pair your Chardonnay  

We recommend trying our bold Chardonnay with lobster cake, shrimp, grilled or smoked salmon. Our Chardonnay can also accompany your white meats dishes such as chicken in a creamy sauce.   

For vegetarian and vegan version, lean towards rich or starchy vegetables dishes like mushroom stuffed potato or grilled corn with creamy sauce, sprinkled with crumbled cheese. 

Grolleau Gris is a grape variety mainly for our sparkling wines 

The Grolleau Gris is exclusively planted on the banks of the Loire Valley, near the Atlantic Ocean. This grape variety is used in the production of our white and sparkling wines, made according to the traditional method.  

Grolleau Gris is a grape variety that benefits from a recognized quality appellation, the IGP Loire Valley (Protected Geographical Indication).   

The characteristics of Grolleau Gris  

With Grolleau Gris we produce fruity, supple, low on alcohol wines. Traditionally in the Loire Valley this grape variety is used for our sparkling wine, made by traditional method. Our unique specialty at the winery is that we also use Grolleau Gris for our white and rosé wines, which will depend on the maceration technique. 

This variety has an original intense fruit and exotic aromas. Grolleau Gris tend to be crisp and fresh with pleasant minerality and fragrant side.  

Grolleau GRis Jerome Choblet
Chicken salad with grolleau gris Jerome Choblet

A pleasant wine to accompany a dish or to be enjoyed alone

Since Grolleau Gris is such a versatile grape it can be accompanied differently.  

Our Grolleau Gris is great to accompany grilled fish or cold served white meats, such as chicken. Our Grolleau Gris wine Eléon’Or has a character to be appreciated with dry goat cheese, or simply as an aperitif

Chenin grape – a grape full of fragrance  

Chenin is another grape variety closely linked to the Loire Valley. It is used to produce all types of white wines, dry, sweet, still and sparkling.  

Compared to the other grape varieties, this one is more complex and is more of a delicate type of grape. Chenin easily takes on the characteristics of its terroir and must therefore be cultivated with great care.   

Our Chenin is grown in AOP Saumur appellation and is used to produce white wine and sparkling wines. Chenin grape is used for our range of Saumur wines for J-C, Herbauges and Jerome Choblet Herbauges, as well as for the Saumur Brut of Château la Salle. 

The Chenin grape is like a bouquet of flowers in a bottle 

For the eye, the Chenin grape reveals a yellow color with a golden tendency. The nose is surprised by the particularity of this grape. Depending on the age of the wine, the Chenin grape will reveal itself floral, elegant and mineral, or full-bodied and creamy.  

In its youth, we dive into a bouquet of flowers. With age, these notes evolve towards more fruity notes, white fruits like peach, aromas of exotic fruits such as pineapple or mango. 

As for the palate, it displays a complex richness of honey-like notes, floral, citrus, caramel notes or even vanilla. The acidity elegantly balances the aromas in the mouth and remains on a beautiful length

The notion of minerality takes on its full meaning here by expressing the stony and saline character of the terroir. 

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Chenin and cheese - Jerome Choblet

Chenin is a balanced wine perfect for aging 

Because Chenin grape has a mineral touch, it has a great aging potential. However, our Chenin wines can be enjoyed straight away or stored in your wine cellar for a few years. 

There is always place for a Chenin  

With its varied and controlled aromas, Chenin offers a true gastronomy wine. It is easily associated with many culinary creations.  

The honeyed notes of Chenin go well with dishes such as tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms or with cheeses such as Camembert – or simply enjoy on its own!