Our certifications guarantee our customers a quality tasting experience and responsible viticulture

Already since 1980, Luc Choblet, Jerome’s father, decided to turn to environmentally responsible wine growing practices. He was convinced that this was the only way to allow full expression of the land and to protect the environment. The certifications of our wines are indicators of good quality and sustainable wines. 

Vinification - Jerome Choblet
HEV certification – Jerome Choblet


HVE is a French certification supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and created to promote environmentally friendly approach to production.  

In 2016 all of the Herbauges estates were certified High Environmental Value (HEV), the highest level of a more general scheme of environmental certification for agriculture. The certification covers four fundamental fields: plant protection actions, biodiversity preservation, use of fertilizer and water management.  

Terra Vitis

In 2011 we also obtained a Terra Vitis certification (a responsible French wine certification). The Terra Vitis approach is based on the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic sustainability of wine estates.  

This certification is one of the main and most important for our estates and for the sustainability of the wine culture in France. 

Terra Vitis - Jerome Choblet
BRS Food Safety - Jerome Choblet

BRC Food Safety

Arrives in June 2023

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is an international standard to facilitate compliance with food safety legislation and to provide guidelines to produce safe, quality products. The BRC certificate is the most recent certification obtained in 2023. It is an important certification for UK.  

IFS Food

To obtain certification, the IFS specifications must not only be met, but also maintained and updated. Our IFS certification was obtained in 2015 and corresponds to the highest scheme level of IFS certifications.

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agroforestry - Jerome Choblet

Always evolving towards sustainable wine growing 

Promoting and practicing sustainable development in agriculture in full respect of the environment is one of the values of the estate’s work ethics and an action for the future of our planet. 

The certifications allow us to comply with the specifications of the quality of our products and their production towards our customers.   

Implementing vineyard agroforestry system 

Our ambitions to continue to move towards a sustainable culture are evolving with the adaptation of agroforestry in 2023. Agroforestry in vineyards is almost as old as viticulture. The system is making a comeback to combat climate change and its effects on the wine industry.   

In fact, agroforestry not only helps the environment, but also the health of the vines. The benefit of agroforestry is to improve the flora and fauna of the surrounding area. This results in natural control and protection of our vineyards and soil.   

There is a lot we don’t know about this system, but there is enough to indicate that agroforestry systems in vineyards deserve to be reintroduced.  

Thanks to our 100% investment in agroforestry at Château de la Pierre, Jerome Choblet estates are now considered as one of the largest agroforestry estates in France