Chateau la Salle the estate in the heart
of Saumur

For more than 3 centuries, Château La Salle has been known for its quality AOP Saumur wines. 

Today, Château La Salle is owned by Mr. Michel HOUDEBINE and still represents the noble house and great wines of the Saumur region

The history of the Château de la Salle 

The land of Château La Salle is an ancient seigneury, documented in the archives as early as the 12th century.  

At that time, Chateau La Salle extended over a vast territory in the Loire Valley region of France. The property stretches along the Thouet River (142 km/ 89 miles longue), which rises at Secondigny and joins the Loire to the west of Saumur and is an important source for our vineyards. 

Michel Houdebine partner - Jerome Choblet

The terroirs and the characteristics of the estate

Today, Château La Salle represents 80 hectares of terroir consisting of gravelly and calcareous clay soils of the Turonian type. The over 45 years old vines that grow here express personality and all the subtle and intense aromas of Chenin and Cabernet grapes. 

Thanks to its location at the Thouet River, the vineyards of the Château benefit from a delicate, temperate climate, perfect to produce dry and sparkling white wines, as well as Cabernet of a rare delicacy in fruity and greedy Rosés.  

The famous Saumur Brut of the region

Chenin Blanc is the one of the most famous grape varieties of the Saumur region. Chenin is our favorite grape variety to blend with Chardonnay for our Saumur Brut production. This blend brings an aromatic intensity to the wine, balanced by freshness.   

Château de la Salle – Michel Houdebine

Sparkling Saumur Rosé 

At Chateau La Salle, we also grow some Cabernet Sauvignon and Grolleau Noir. These grape blends are used to make our Fines Bulles of Loire, Saumur Brut Blanc and Saumur Dry Rosé, which give a perfect tasting experience to our sparkling wines. 

Sparkling Saumur and Cabernet Franc for a modern tasting

At the winery, we like to experiment with different flavors. Here, at Chateau La Salle, we also grow Cabernet Franc to produce some of the most aromatic, fresh and more “trendy” rosés, generous and appreciated by young consumers. 

Sustainability at Chateau la Salle

The vineyards of Château La Salle are grouped around the estate and surrounded by hedges and groves. A true natural ecosystem dominates the environment. 

We use the grass-covering technique to protect the soil, but also as a system to regulate the productivity of the vines. Our 19 beehives facilitate the pollination of all the flora of the vineyard. 

Our vines are cultivated with the greatest respect for winemaking traditions and the environment. The wines produced at Château La Salle are all HVE3 certified

The garden of the Château La Salle – Michel Houdebine