Domaine des Herbauges the Muscadet estate in the Loire Valley

Domaine des Herbauges is a family estate founded in 1864. It is the leading estate of its appellation Muscadet Côtes de GrandLieu.

The Domaine is located in a magical triangle between the Atlantic Ocean, the Loire estuary and Lake GrandLieu. The vineyards of Domaine des Herbauges benefit from an exceptional geographical location and a unique climate, which allow them to produce dry and fruity great white wines of rare balance, intensity and elegance.

Le Domaine des Herbauges

The history of the Domaine des Herbauges vineyard

In the 15th century, the Domaine des Herbauges belonged to the Château de la Sénaigerie. The current tasting room of Domaine des Herbauges, a former annex of the Château de la Sénaigerie, housed the presses and cellars of the Château de la Sénaigerie.

It was here one of the first grape harvesters of the Loire was created. The grapes were brought in by boat on the Acheneau River, which borders the domain’s cellars. 

The Domaine des Herbauges production site, located in the heart of nature and close to Nantes, houses modern and functional cellars, as well as offices and a tasting room where we welcome our clients from all over the world.   

The finest terroirs of the Muscadet appellation

Today, Domaine des Herbauges exploits the most beautiful terroirs of the Côtes de GrandLieu appellation on the shores of Lake GrandLieu.  

Its hundred-hectare vineyard extends over the communes of Bouaye, Saint Aignan de GrandLieu, Saint Léger Les Vignes and Port Saint Père, the cradle of local viticulture for centuries.

Sustainable agriculture at the Domaine des Herbauges

Jerome Choblet, the fourth generation of his family to run the estate, has always sought to bring together the best terroirs of his appellation and, since arriving at the estate in 1998, has cultivated them with the greatest respect for the environment.    

Domaine des Herbauges has always sought to use the best technologies at the service of tradition to produce wines with a greedy, fresh and fruity character. At the forefront of innovation, the Domaine’s teams strive to give the best at each stage of the elaboration of great Loire wines for the greatest pleasure of its consumers all over the world.

The vineyards are certified Terra-Vitis and a new agro-forestry farm is under construction. The Domaine des Herbauges is part of a high level sustainable and agro-environmental approach. 

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