Melon B vines at Domaines les 5 Chemins

Domaine les 5 Chemins in Port Saint Père

Michel HOUDEBINE, an associate of Jerome Choblet, bought the Domaine les 5 Chemins in 2018, which has since been managed by Jerome Choblet.  

The estate is situated in the wine-growing commune of Port Saint Père (Pays de la Loire region), on a high slope that is windy and has excellent sun exposure.  

The vines planted here have been thriving for more than nine decades, nourished by the schist and mica-schist soil, which imbues the wine with the region’s terroir’s richness and depth.  

The estate exclusively produces white wine, made from Melon de Bourgogne, Chardonnay, and Grolleau Gris grape varieties. 

Transition from conventional to sustainable winegrowing

After years of conventional agriculture, transitioning to a more sustainable viticulture approach takes time. However, with each year, we witness the marvels of nature and its capacity to adapt.  

With Terra-Vitis techniques and careful observations, we can witness the soil and plants thriving under our care. Our mission at Jerome Choblet is to take over older vineyards and transform them with the Terra-Vitis approach, ensuring the environment and nature are at their happiest! 

Vignes at Domaine les 5 Chemins
Les cépages du Domaines les 5 Chemins

The characteristics and specificities of the estate

The vineyards of Domaine les 5 Chemins are encompassed by a diverse ecosystem consisting of apple trees, bushes, and forests that fully utilize the advantages of the schist and mica-schist soil and its dominant exposure. 

From the top of the hill’s summit, we can spot the Lake of Grandlieu to the east and the Loire to the north. The prevailing westerly winds carry with them fresh and iodized/salty air, creating the illusion that the Ocean is within reach! 

Domaine les 5 Chemins – crafting wines of great personality

The wines of the Domaine Les 5 Chemins are vinified in the greatest respect to tradition combined with modern technology and our savoir-faire.   

Domaine Les 5 Chemins produces wines of great consistency, bold personality and greediness, offering the taster the greatest tasting experience.