The Fief Guerin estate is ideally located in the Nantes region

This is a well-known place for the Nantais (people from the Nantes region), as it is a passageway and is located on the main road to the coastal beaches of the region. 

Located in a unique triangle between the Atlantic Ocean, the Loire estuary and the Grandlieu Lake, the vineyard benefits from an ideal microclimate to produce fine, fruity and perfectly balanced wines.   

The oldest estate in the appellation Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu

Fief Guerin is one of the oldest vineyards in the Côtes de Grandlieu appellation. This beautiful estate is situated on a hill overlooking the northern shore of Lake Grandlieu. The southern exposure concentrates all the richness of the appellation. 

History of Fief Guerin estate

Historically owned by the Huet family (also a major Bordeaux and Cognac winemaker and merchant), Jerome Choblet took over the estate in 1998. Today, the Guerin estate remains the spearhead of the domain’s vintages. 

A nationally renowned estate

The Guerin estate is a nationally renowned estate for its two-hundred-year-old Parasol Pine, one of the 100 most beautiful trees in France.  

Unfortunately, on the night of June 12-13, 2018, during a storm, this great and majestic tree fell. To preserve its memory, we planted one of its saplings in its place. The legendary Parasol Pine has always represented the strength and elegance of the region. To this day, the Parasol Pine remains the emblem of this vintage on the label, representing the great class of this vineyard. 

The terroirs and the characteristics of Fief Guerin

The vines of the Fief Guerin estate are all Terra-Vitis certified. Here we mainly grow Melon de Bourgogne to produce the racy and famous Muscadets. We also grow Grolleau Gris in its “white” version. 

The old vines of this prestigious terroir perfectly expresses the characteristics of the three main parent rocks of the Côtes de GrandLieu appellation: schist, amphibolite and yellow granite.  

The vines grown on these natural rocks add complexity and intensity to the wine, balancing the freshness of the minerality with the iodized and salty aromas. A pure wonder! 

Winter Vineyards of the Fief of Guerin - Jerome Choblet