Our vineyards

Today Jerome Choblet consists of vineyards of Fief Guérin, Château de la Pierre, Chateau la Salle, Domaine des Herbauges and Domaine Les 5 Chemins. The 5 estates extend over the 4 communes located between the Loire, the Grandlieu Lake and the Atlantic Ocean.  

Jerome Choblet’s vineyards comprise 80% of the famous Côtes de Grandlieu appellation, renowned among the most distinguished designations in Loire Atlantique. The vineyards are positioned in the northern part of the Grandlieu Lake, in the region of Pays de la Loire department. Here the vines benefit from a southern orientation, providing optimal conditions to yield greedy, yet well-balanced, dry and fruity white wines. 

Grandlieu lake Jerome Choblet estates
Les vignes de Jérôme Choblet

Great wine from certified vines 

All our vines are tended using “Agriculture Raisonnée” practices. Our cultivation methods have been certified HVE3 and Terra-Vitis for decades. In pursuit of greater sustainability, we are engaged in a new endeavor.  

The site of the Château de la Pierre in Saint Léger les Vignes, spanning almost 15 hectares, has been selected to host this new vineyard. The aim here is to establish an ecosystem, featuring various species of vines, hedges, trees, and other forms of biodiversity, to enhance the quality of our vines. 

By using different varieties of resistant grapevines this new vineyard will allow us to produce fresh and fruity white wines, without any external intervention for the greatest respect of nature and our environment. The selection of grape varieties exhibits the capability to generate exceptional wines despite the climate change and the changing weather conditions. 

With utmost regard for nature and our surroundings, with the new ecosystem we will be able to create crisp and aromatic white wines without external interference.