Packaging – Traceability -Certification

The preparation and packaging of wines is a crucial final step.

All throughout the year, teams in the vineyards work single-mindedly to grow the best grapes. In this same spirit, the master winemaker vinifies and ages the wine with the greatest care in order to reveal the singularity of each terroir with harmony, finesse and delicacy.

The preparation, bottling and packaging of the wine is an equally important phase that requires compliance with strict conditions. We can guarantee high quality wines produced in compliance with the strictest food standards.

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Most recent and efficient bottling lines

Completely rebuilt at the beginning of 2022, Jerome Choblet has one of the most recent and efficient bottling lines, meeting all the requirements of food standards in the world while respecting our high-quality wines.

The wine is filtered in several steps (Tangential Microfiltering (MFTS) by JUCLAS, Tartaric Stabilization by a SMART15 unit from Oenodia), followed by a bottling technique performed by a GAI bottling unit, which guarantees a sterile atmosphere.

Several automated controls are performed before the wine is bottled. Then, the bottle is labeled and given a unique LOT number.

The last step of the HD printing of our boxes allows us to specify what each box contains as well as its LOT number for complete traceability.

An adapted bottle with cork or screw

Our wines are bottled in our own custom-designed developed elegant and distinctive bottle in a cinnamon color, reminiscent of our history and of the quality of the wines that our estates are known for. This bottle is available with cork or screw, which allows us to adapt to all market requests.

Personalized labeling depending on the destination

After filling and capping the wine bottles, we dress them with the appropriate and unique labels. Our labels are adapted depending on the destination of distribution and end-customer user preferences. Rather a traditional or modern style, we are always searching for originality and exclusivity.


The bottles are packaged in boxes of 6 or 12, depending on the destination and order specifications. The boxes integrate a functional design with excellent bottle by bottle protection (exclusively for 12 bottle cases).

Certified materials

To preserve a short production circle, all our materials are manufactured in Europe and are certified (IFS, BRC and ISO). We can deliver our wines in a most elegant and practical presentation to all our customers around the world.