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We are experts in the elaboration of Loire wines. Our range of wines is composed of white still wines and sparkling wines. Discover our vintages and our best food pairings. We promise to find the perfect match for every occasion.  

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Wine made to create

Jerome Choblet consists of winegrowers and top-quality wine makers from the Loire Valley region. Our expertise is in ready to drink white wine making. We distribute worldwide and have an extended knowledge of the specific tastes of each destination. 

There is no secret recipe: it takes know-how and passion to make great wines. Our purpose is to make wines to share and create moments.   

“I am not only a wine grower, but also a wine maker who creates emotions. Wine must be a pleasure; it is up to me to transmit it. Through tasting, we can have a universal language, provoke sensations, in France as well as abroad during my travels.”

Jerome Choblet in Sommelier International 

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Loire Valley - Jerome Choblet

French wines
The famous Loire Valley region  

Since the 19th century, generation after generation the Choblet family have been the center of wine making in the Nantes region on the Atlantic coast. This French region is not only known for wine making but also for the remarkable Chateau’s along the famous Loire River. 

The Loire Valley is rich in history and in vineyards composed of different climates, soils, geographical features and locations, all of which contribute to the diversity of the valley’s wines. 

Jerome Choblet’s estates are located a few kilometers from the famous lake of Grandlieu in the Loire-Atlantique department and extend along the Loire Valley region to Chateau de la Salle in Saumur appellation.  

This region is famous for producing white wines from Chenin, Sauvignon and Melon de Bourgogne grapes.  

The exceptional location and the age-old know-how in winemaking are at the origin of the quality and taste of Choblet wines.   

“You can make bad wine with great grapes, but you can’t make great wine with bad grapes.”  

Robert Mondavi

Our savoir-faire is
our strength 

For centuries, we have been selectively acquiring the best plots of land in the Loire to ensure the full expression of the terroir.

Today, Jerome Choblet is the owner and wine grower of Domaine Herbauges, Château la Pierre, Fief Guerin and Domaine les 5 Chemins.

Jerome Choblet also partners with local winemakers to expand its range of Loire wines and produce wine for the JC, Château de la Salle, Jerome Choblet and Herbauges brands.

All our domains are certified in order to guarantee our customers good quality and sustainable wines. We use the latest technology, and everything is done in-house.  

Jerome Choblet is an authorized exporter and has obtained an export agreement, which facilitates the export process for our clients.