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Wine made to appreciate the moments

The estate is a fourth generation of traditional winemakers by the Choblet family at the AOC Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu appellation. The Domaine has always been oriented to the cultivation of the highest quality grape vines

Today, Jerome Choblet has succeeded his father Luc and his grandfather Pierre on the estate. Jerome is continuing to develop the estate through successive addition of the best parcels of the region

“I am not only a wine grower, but also a wine maker who creates emotions. Wine must be a pleasure; it is up to me to transmit it. Through tasting, we can have a universal language, provoke sensations, in France as well as abroad during my travels.”

Jerome Choblet, owner of the estates, in Sommelier International 
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domaine des herbauges jerome choblet

Jerome Choblet – historically famous for its wines

Until the beginning of 19th century, the vineyards of Jerome Choblet estates were part of Château de la Sénaigerie. The chateau is known to be historically one of the few wine making centers in the Nantes area. The winegrowers of the region used to bring their grapes to the chateau after the harvest by the Acheneau River for pressing and vinification. Since then, the chateau has been famous for the quality of its wines.  

Today Château de la Sénaigerie is a historical monument, known for being the first to initiate a communal grape harvest in the region. The cellar of the castle remains the place where we receive the guests of the domain of Herbauges for a wine tasting. 

The estates and winemakers by Jerome Choblet 

To strengthen our international position and our leadership in production of regional wines, the historic Domaine des Herbauges has developed a partnership with local wine growers. As a result, Domaine des Herbauges has become a brand under the name of Jerome Choblet – composed of both wine growers and winemakers.   

The acquisition of terroirs is carefully selected and winemaking processes supervised by the owner of the estates, Jerome Choblet. He is not only involved in the work of making quality wines, but also in the development of sustainability in wine culture with Terra Vitis.   

The most prestigious wines of the region  

The acquisition of other vineyards has permitted the estate to grow and enlarge the diversity of our wines. Each terroir of Jerome Choblet expresses its own subtle nuances and reveals specific particularities and characteristics of the region, all along the Loire Valley.

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