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Chardonnay IGP du Val de Loire 

Domaine des Herbauges - J-C Chardonnay IGP du Val de Loire
J-C Chardonnay IGP du Val de Loire - Arômes
테이스팅 노트 Ample citrus and exotic fruits aromas, intense, full and supplea touch of nice freshness.
포도 품종 샤르도네
이름 Chardonnay IGP Blanc du Val de Loire
음식과 와인 페어링 Aperitif, grilled fish, chicken with cream sauce or roastchicken, frog’s legs with chopped parsley, mussels with cream sauce, fish loaf, smoked or grilled salmon.
테루아 Mica-schists and schist sub-soils covered by pebbles
양조 At low temperature in order to preserve aromas. 8 to 14 months aging on lees in thermo-regulated glass tanks. Unoaked -No Malolactic fermentation, after thermo-regulated fermentation in glass lined underground tanks and no aging in barrel.
  • Terra Vitis
  • BRC Food Safety
  • HVE
  • IFS-7
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