Domaine Herbauges AOP Muscadet 

Domaine des Herbauges - Domaine Herbauges Muscadet
Domaine Herbauges Muscadet - Arômes
테이스팅 노트 A lovely gold whitecolour, with a fresh and intense bouquet reminiscent of white-pulp fruit. Suppleand well balancedby a great liveliness. Pure pleasure!
포도 품종 믈롱 드 부르고뉴
이름 Muscadet
음식과 와인 페어링 Serve young with... aperitif, fresh oysters and clams, shellfish, sardinesfillets, grilled eels
테루아 Schist, Rolled pebbles
양조 At low temperature conserving the aromas of the must, then matured on the lees «sur lie» from 8 to 14 months with regular «bâtonnages»
  • Terra Vitis
  • BRC Food Safety
  • HVE
  • IFS-7
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