J-C Selection AOP Saumur 

Domaine des Herbauges - JC Selection aop Saumur
JC Selection aop Saumur - Arômes
テイスティング・ノート Nice white gold color, with an intense and fresh bouquet that evokes white pulp fruits. Supple, and well balanced by a great vivacity, a pure pleasure!
ブドウ品種 シュナン・ブラン
呼称 AOP Saumur
料理とワインのペアリング Shellfish, grilled fish, chicken in cream sauce or grilled chicken, frog legs in parsley sauce, mussels in cream sauce, fish bread, smoked or grilled salmon, fish fillets in foil.
土壌 Mainly subsoil of Tuffeau and Flint.
醸造 Mechanical harvest in the morning at maturity. Perfect sanitary state. Pneumatic pressing and clarification of musts at low temperature + pectolytic enzyme. Rapid fermentation with active yeast. Temperature control at 18°C during the first two thirds of the alcoholic fermentation and continuous controlled O2 supply for a perfect expression of the aromatic potential. Light racking at the end of the alcoholic fermentation then maturing on lees for 6 to 12 months in underground tanks at 15°C.
  • Terra Vitis
  • BRC Food Safety
  • HVE
  • IFS-7